Wedding Vows

    Wedding vows serve as an intimate moment during the ceremony where the couple expresses their love, promise and commitment to one another.

    There are three types of vows: I do, repeat after me and the couple write their own.

    The ‘I do’ vows where the couple individually say ‘I do’ after the celebrant has read out the vows.


    {Groom/Bride} from this day on, do you choose {Bride/Groom} to be your beloved {wife/husband}. To live with her and laugh with her. To bring joy to {her/his} heart and food to {her/his} soul. To bring out the best in {her/his} always and to be the most that you can be. Do you promise this from your heart and soul, for all the days of your life?  ‘I do’.

       2.  The repeat after me vows, this is  where the couple individually repeat vows read out by the celebrant.


     I, {Groom/Bride}, take you, {Bride/Groom}, to be my {wife/husband}
Your love is my anchor.
Your trust is my strength
I will give you all my love from now until eternity ends
You make my life complete.

  1. The couple individually write their own vows. 

    If the couple are writing their own vows, they need to get some ideas down on paper about three weeks before the wedding, do some research and talk to their partner and set some ground rules about the length and tone of their vows.

     They need to rehearse their vows out loud in front of a mirror or good friend, and they may need to change around words to ensure a good flow.  Keep the sentences short and their vows should be about 1 – 1.30 minutes long each.


     I promise that I will respect you as an individual, support you through difficult times, rejoice with you through happy times, be loyal to you always and, above all, love you as my {wife/husband} and friend.  I promise to love and respect you, helping our love grow, always being there to listen, comfort and support you, whatever our lives may bring.